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Silicone Star Stacker - Two Color Options!

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What is the perfect addition to a LemonLee Doll or Snuggler?! A fun silicone stacking toy!! Great for all ages from infants to toddlers to littles. Reinforces motor skills, recognizing colors, and learning shapes and sizes, but more importantly it is just fun!!

Choose between two color options - black/white or colorful, each featuring 6 pieces

Toy from our favorite silicone brand @wildluxeco

care information

Spot clean only! We suggest hand wash cold and air dry for all of our dolls and snugglers if a full clean is necessary. We cannot guarantee the shape and stuffing of our dolls if you decide to place them in the washer.

All vinyl name customization is not permanent. Please take care not to pick or peel the vinyl off as it can not be ironed back on!